Best sportsmanship moments in tennis


Rio 2016 Olympics. Time for athletes to show commitment, pride and the highest demonstration of sportsmanship and mutual respect. In tennis, sportsmanship and fair play has the name Jack Sock on it. In this occasion he was playing Australian Lleyton Hewitt and a ball was called out, when he was ready for the second serve, Sock […]

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4 Steps to take your game to the next level

sports performance_3

Improvement in sport is built around overall tennis technique and athleticism. How to perform a forehand ground stroke with uninterrupted energy flow from your feet to your hand or how to split step with perfect timing and keeping the right distance to the ball is just the cornerstone to reaching your highest peak performance. This […]

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The Pro Staff 2017- Racquet Design Reinvented

new pro staff

A New Kind of Disruption. The game has never seen racquet designs like this before- ones that focus on only the essentials and strip away all the unnecessary elements. What remains are timeless, uncontaminated designs, meticulous in detail and bold in their beauty. They create racquets that want to be held and a psychological edge […]

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Four things you didn’t know you’d need in tennis.

tennis helmet

This week we dedicate this blog to those unsung heroes you didn’t know existed. 1. Grip enhancers: compact and convenient, these little bottles enhance your grip for all sports without any stickiness or tackiness. They work by repelling moisture allowing you to gain superb control of your racquet. The best sellers: Toura Rosin Grip and Prince […]

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Four Stages of Anger on a Tennis Court.

anger stages

Let’s face it, if you play tennis you are prone to anger meltdowns at any given second and sometimes your best friend on court will suffer the consequences. It happens at all tennis levels from young tennis teams to tour players. Just remember McEnroe and his conspiracy theories on bad line calls, it really made him […]

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